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Digital Marketing

Leveraging the online world

Digital marketing teaches students how to use social media, email, search engine placement, and other digital tools for success and outreach. As online purchasing and consumer screen time grows, digital marketing has emerged as a fast-growing career track with many in the industry commanding a starting salary of $75,000 or more.

Why study digital marketing at Piedmont?

Our business programs embrace liberal arts education, which develops nimble minds for a fast-changing workplace. The Digital Marketing Concentration will equip students with skills that many employers are demanding. After becoming grounded in core business fundamentals during their first two years, students become immersed in Digital Marketing courses, including several that are being offered through a partnership with a unique consortium of colleges and universities. Our classes are taught by faculty with real-world experience – and broad real-world contacts. Piedmont also works with students to secure internships and develop contacts in professional organizations.

For more information about Piedmont College, the application process, or to apply online, contact our Admissions Office. Applications are accepted any time.

Concentration requirements
BUSA4150—Digital Marketing
BUSA3250—Consumer Behavior
BUSA3150—Social Media Marketing
BUSA3950—Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing
BUSA4650—Digital Marketing Analytics

Electives (2)
BUSA4120—Sports Marketing
BUSA4250—Sales Management and Personal Selling
BUSA4355—Advanced Business Analytics
BUSA3750 – E-mail Marketing
BUSA4700—Business Internship
BUSA4842—The Marketing and Management of Special Events
BUSA4993—Special Topics
MCOM3700—Advertising and Communications
MCOM3900—Public Relations