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Data Science

Meeting of the Minds.

The Data Science concentration focuses on how businesses gather data to create useful business models. Designed for students who are strong in math and computer technology—who also think creatively—it is the perfect program for students who want to work on a degree in business and a minor in mathematics. (View Rack Card)

Why Study Data Science at Piedmont?

Our business programs embrace liberal arts education, which develops nimble minds for a fast-changing work place. The Data Science Concentration incorporates adventurous thinking with required skills in statistics, research, data mining, and business model building. The business world demands colleagues with solid math skills, comfort with technology and those with business sense to ask the right questions. Classes are taught by faculty with real-world experience – and broad real-world contacts. Data Science is perfect for the student who wants to pursue a degree in business and a minor in mathematics. Combine those distinctions with a clear-eyed focus on ethics, the most up-to-date curriculum, independent research – and you can see how this degree can transform you into an industry innovator.

Concentration Requirements (21 semester hours)

BUSA 3415    Data Science for Finance & Economic Applications    
BUSA 3515    Qualitative Analysis for Business    
BUSA 4355    Data Analytics for Marketing Applications    
BUSA 4800    Quality Management and Data Science    
BUSA 4950    Data Science for Business: Applied Research    
MATH 2300    Discrete Mathematics    
MATH 3550    Linear Algebra    
*MATH 2450 must be taken to meet the general education requirement.