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Sociology & Anthropology

A Bachelor of Arts in sociology and anthropology allows students to develop sensitivity to critical, cultural, historical and moral issues. No matter what social roles a person plays throughout life, an appreciation of the sociological perspective will be of benefit.


Sociology is a perspective on and the study of social life. Humans are first and foremost social animals who organize themselves into a variety of social forms depending on social and historical circumstances. A necessary condition for full participation in social life is the ability to understand, explain and evaluate these social forms or societies.

Sociology is the scientific and critical study of how and why modern societies operate the way they do, including the relationships among the various social institutions; how and why societies influence what individuals can do, including the development of self; and how and why individuals produce and reproduce (socially construct) social life through everyday activities.

Anthropology at Piedmont College is designed to promote understanding of the diversity of cultures (both past and present) as well as the relationships among them, to promote the recognition of the achievements of past and present cultures, and to promote a greater understanding of ourselves as human beings.

The ability to perform these various roles will be enhanced because of five things.  The first is the ability to think sociologically, to identify the various social and anthropological forces or conditions which hinder or help. The second is the ability to relate the system to the broader society of which it is a part. The third is the ability to solve problems, to use acquired analytical and research skills. The fourth is the ability to appreciate and understand the diversity of cultures. The fifth is the ability to use the sociological and anthropological perspective to make the world a better place for all individuals.