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Political Science

A Bachelor of Arts in Political Science prepares students to work in local, state and federal government agencies, regional planning agencies, social services agencies and to become professional political scientists by completing graduate work in political science. The political science major also prepares students for law school.


Political science is the critical study of classical and modern political theories and ideas, including the ideas that have shaped U.S. government institutions. It includes the study of the processes, structures, and institutions of U.S. government, including international or global relationships.


The pre-law student must satisfy all general education requirements as well as the major and minor requirements in his or her chosen area of study to be awarded an undergraduate degree from Piedmont College. Law schools generally do not specify a particular undergraduate major as preliminary preparation for a legal education.

Stories & Highlights

A Product of 2: Crawford & Schmitz helped Cumbass find himself and discover a career

Kanler Cumbass has an easy manner around Kim Crawford and Julia Schmitz. Gathered in a room, the trio share laughs, knowing smiles and, on occasion, complete the other’s sentences.
Cumbass has known them both for more than three years. And his relationship has evolved from student to mentee, and now, colleague.
He was a freshman and considering transferring when he met Dr. Crawford, Associate Dean of Student Life. She saw a spark of leadership in the lanky tennis player and asked him to run for president of the Student Government Association (SGA).
Dr. Schmitz, a Biology Professor and Director of Piedmont’s Quality Enhancement Program, was introduced to Cumbass during his sophomore year when – as SGA President – he joined a new committee tasked with finding ways to infuse engaged learning into the curriculum. FULL STORY


Piedmont & Mercer Law School Form Accelerated JD Program

Piedmont College and Mercer Law School have joined forces to provide the opportunity for Piedmont students to receive their bachelor of arts (BA) degree and juris doctor (JD) degree in six years. It's called the 3+3. READ MORE