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Philosophy & Religion

A Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion gives students the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in ongoing discussions about questions of truth, value, meaning, and reality, preparing them for a lifelong engagement with ideas. At Piedmont College, students learn in a personalized setting with outstanding scholars, developing the writing, research, and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in the twenty-first-century workplace.

About the Program

Through a timely, transformative curriculum, students majoring in Philosophy and Religion wrestle with some of the world’s most influential ideas and movements as they prepare for a range of careers. In addition to studying such major figures as Plato, Augustine, and Kierkegaard, students explore religion and the arts, faith and politics, the intricacies of interfaith dialogue, complex ethical problems, and the relevance of the Judeo-Christian tradition and the Bible for contemporary life. Our students develop habits of mind that allow them to follow complicated ideas and arguments, uncover hidden assumptions, and think creatively in our increasingly globalized world, providing excellent preparation for careers in the ministry, medical ethics, law and politics, counseling, non-profits and non-governmental organizations, and higher education teaching and administration.