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The study of history leads to the understanding and appreciation of the heritage of humans. History majors improve their knowledge of historical information, learn to think critically about historical events and improve their reading and writing abilities. They will learn in a variety of settings, including classrooms, museums, and historical sites.
Not only do history majors work in venues such as colleges and universities, legal firms, museums, and historical societies, they may choose to complete the History Education major at Piedmont College after consulting with their History advisor.


About the Program

Majors in History and History Education may participate in visits to historical sites in the Southeast and locally, as well as history-related exhibits in Atlanta. Additionally, Maymester trips offer unique opportunities for travel to national and international historical sites. Internships are options that can enhance students’ academic experience and future professional prospects. Standard internship options are available as well as those discovered and developed by students. Nearing the end of the program, students enrolled in relevant courses design their own research studies on topics of special interest to them.


Stories & Highlights

A Call to Teach: Two Decades Removed, Father and Son Share a Common Mentor

Piedmont College history professor, Dr. Al Pleysier, continues to have a huge impact on his students. Decades ago, former Major League Baseball pitcher Cris Carpenter found his calling in a Dr. Pleysier history class. All these years later, Cris' son, current Lions pitcher Sam, found the same calling in the same class. READ MORE