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A Bachelor of Arts degree in English provides coursework in English composition and literature with concentrations available in Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and English Education. Students may also minor in English or Creative Writing.

English majors interested in a career in law are eligible to participate in Piedmont’s 3+3 Program, through which they can complete coursework for the major in three years and enter Mercer University School of Law after their junior year.


Dr. Windy Charles 
Dr. Hugh Davis 
Dr. Jennifer Gilstrap
Dr. Stephen Whited 

About the Program

English majors prepare for careers in the information economy by completing a challenging, writing-intensive curriculum focused on the study of a wide range of literary texts from the classics to postmodernism, as well as courses in film, creative writing, and literary criticism. In addition to traditional classes devoted to major figures such as William Shakespeare and Toni Morrison, students have in recent years had the opportunity to study ekphrastic writing in Paris, Madrid, and Rome, to roleplay the trial of Galileo, to delve into the films of Alfred Hitchcock, to analyze dystopian science fiction, and to examine cross-cultural representations of cannibalism. 
Our students have many opportunities for regional, national, and international travel, regularly participate in professional conferences and internships, and may gain valuable professional experience and course credit as editors of Trillium, Piedmont College’s award-winning literary and arts journal. 


While our students are attracted to the major through a love of literature, they also develop the writing and research skills required to meet the twenty-first century’s demands for critical and innovative thinking in the workplace. Both intellectually stimulating and practical in application, a major or minor in English complements all other academic disciplines, especially business, mass communications, theater, music, and art. Recent graduates have pursued careers in law, publishing, business, journalism, public relations, computer programming, advertising, ministry, and teaching, as well as graduate degrees in English and Creative Writing. 

Stories & Highlights

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