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The Chemistry and Environmental Science programs prepare students for a variety of careers and academic opportunities. Our students leave prepared for careers in the environmental consulting field, quality control, research, pharmacy, medicine, and other pre-professional and graduate programs. Students will have the opportunity to do independent research projects under the direction of a faculty member. Projects range from toxic metal testing, soil analysis, chemical analysis of household products to organic synthesis.

About the Program

One of the goals of the program is to provide students with a working knowledge of the scientific method and introduce them to the process of scientific inquiry. Students will also develop an understanding of the interactions between humans and our environment. All students take some basic foundation courses like Environmental Science, General and Organic Chemistry. Chemistry majors then take core classes in Inorganic, Analytical and Physical Chemistry.

Environmental majors take core classes in Geology, Biology, Sustainability, Toxicology, and Geographic Information Systems. During a student’s junior and senior years, we offer the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in conducting original research as well as internship opportunities.