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The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry prepares students for a wide variety of careers in industry, research and the allied health science fields.


The science of chemistry is concerned with the composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter. The scope of chemistry is extremely broad; it includes the whole universe and everything, animate and inanimate, in it. Chemistry is concerned not only with the composition and changes in composition of matter, but also with the energy and energy changes that accompany the transformations of matter. Through chemistry, we seek to learn and understand the general principles that govern the behavior of all matter.

The chemist, like other scientists, observes nature and attempts to understand its secrets. A chemist may interpret natural phenomena, devise experiments that reveal the composition and structure of complex substances, study methods for improving natural processes, or synthesize substances unknown in nature. Ultimately, the efforts of chemists advance the frontiers of knowledge and at the same time contribute to the well-being of humanity.