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Art Administration

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Arts Administration is designed to develop skills, aesthetic sensitivity, and technical knowledge in the fine arts, as well as build practical managerial expertise in the areas of production, marketing, presentation, and business in arts organizations. In Arts Administration, you develop artistic skills through rigorous experiences in a supportive environment set in inspiring facilities lead by a dedicated faculty.

About the Program

The Art Therapy degree combines extensive course work in both Art and Psychology. You build a personal visual voice as an artist while developing an understanding of Psychology. You work in a supportive environment set in inspiring facilities led by dedicated faculty. You have the opportunity to build skills in ceramics, digital fabrication, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. During your final year, in preparation for graduate work, you complete an internship while developing and implementing a research project focused in art therapy. 

Students pick a concentration in either Art, Music, or Theatre.

Stories & Highlights

The Art of Aiming High: The Story of Hayden Giovino & Prof. Rebecca Brantley

Hayden Giovino's grit, determination, focus, and passion, along with the help of art professor Rebecca Brantley, helped get him a coveted spot in a program with the High Museum in Atlanta. READ MORE