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Students choosing a minor in music must complete a minimum of 17-18 hours (number of courses varies) comprised of the following:

Required Courses

MUSC 1100. Music Theory I 

MUSC 1110. Aural Skills I


Music History Electives

MUSC 2000. History of Jazz and Rock Music 

MUSC 2300. Music in the Christian Church 

MUSC 3210. Music History I

MUSC 3220. Music History II 

MUSC 3230. Music History III 


Music Theory Electives 

MUSC 1120 Harmony II

MUSC 1130. Music Skills II

MUSC 3440. Diction I

MUSC 3450. Diction II

MUSC 3480. Beginning conducting


Ensemble (minimum of 2 hours required)

MUSC 1500, 1510, 1520, 1530, 1540, 1550


Applied Music Lessons (minimum of 4 hours required)

MUSC 1810-4820 Applied Music Lessons 

MUSC 1910-4920 Applied Music Lessons