Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology allows student to acquire increased knowledge of human behavior and sufficient analytical and interpersonal skills to be effective in using this knowledge.

All psychology majors and minors take a group of basic core courses. In addition, they have the opportunity to plan their own individualized program of study. In consultation with their faculty advisor, they will take courses best suited to their particular interests and future goals.

Psychology Honors Program

The Honors Program in psychology offers interested students the opportunity to engage in individual research projects in collaboration with faculty members and to receive special recognition of their achievement. Majors in psychology are eligible to apply for the Honors Program if they have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.5 and a 3.5 GPA in psychology courses. The Honors Program requires the successful completion of a major in psychology and completion of an independent research project approved by the supervising faculty member. Students who complete the program successfully will receive “Honors in Psychology.” The program should aid those intending to do graduate work.

Psychology is the science of behaviour and mental processes. Environmental, experiential and physiological factors that influence behaviour are all included within its area of study. Psychology strives to understand why people behave as they do. A goal of the psychology program at Piedmont College is to cultivate analytical and interpersonal skills. These skills enhance all social relationships. In addition, individuals who can think, analyze and express themselves clearly are highly valued by employers.