PC Taylor ClassPhilosophy and Religion

B.A. in Philosophy and Religion

The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion consists of 30 semester hours beyond the general education requirement. A core of 18 semester hours is required of all majors, and the remaining 12 semester hours consist of religion or philosophy electives. This allows students to concentrate in religion or philosophy or any combination of philosophy or religion courses of interest.

Religion and Philosophy Overview

Philosophy in the ancient tradition is the love of wisdom. The academic discipline of philosophy embodies such a passion for understanding by exploring the most profound questions regarding these three central issues: metaphysics or reality theory; epistemology or knowledge theory; and axiology or value theory. Philosophy introduces students to the classical world philosophies undergirding many of the basic assumptions of contemporary world culture. In particular, the study of philosophy helps students to develop careful analytic, synthetic, and critical thinking skills.

The study of religion is the study of sacred beliefs about life’s purpose and meaning. This study involves an academic inquiry into the major religions of the world, especially the Bible and the Judeo-Christian religious traditions. Religion courses help many students come to grips with the difference between religious traditions and personal religious heritage. Often this contrast promotes a personal journey and a clearer, deeper understanding of religious values and their import for contemporary life.