Piedmont Math PhysicsMathematics

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Mathematics is a method of reasoning used to test truths. Some scholars define mathematics as observation, experiment, discovery and conjecture. Mathematics is described as a science of order or a science of patterns and relationships. As a science of patterns, mathematics is a mode of inquiry that reveals fundamental truths about the order of our world. Mathematics is the language in which nature speaks. In today’s technological world it is also an apt language for industry, business and commerce.

The program emphasizes that to know mathematics is to be engaged in a quest to understand and communicate, not merely to calculate. Laboratory work and fieldwork are necessary for a full understanding of mathematics. Students study mathematics by classifying, explaining and describing patterns in all their manifestations. Students majoring or minoring in mathematics have the opportunity to develop:

• capabilities to communicate and understand the natural phenomena related to their physical or social environments,
• ability to interpret everyday life problems through mathematical or logical   representations,
• knowledge of how to solve the mathematical representations of real-world problems,
• ability to draw inferences by reasoning and to check the results of their mathematical representations for accuracy and validity.