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Bachelor of Arts in English

Bachelor of Arts degree in English provides coursework in English composition and literature, which prepares students for many different careers. English offers an excellent background for law, journalism, publishing, editorial work, business and economics, advertising and publications, creative writing, technical writing, and librarianship.

Concentrations: Literary Studies and Creative Writing

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Master of Arts in Secondary English

The Master of Arts in Secondary English prepares a student for a teaching career at the high school level, while a standard major provides excellent preparation for master’s and doctoral studies.


English and Creative Writing

Literature, composition, and history: all part of the study of English

From a little-known dialect in a backwater of the Roman Empire, the English language has grown over the last 500 years until it is spoken by more than one billion people as a first or second language. Used as an official language in many parts of the world for business and scientific purposes, English also has a rich history in literature dating back some 1500 years.

At Piedmont, students study English language, literature, and composition. Introductory courses teach skills for effective written communication, techniques of critical reading, methods of research, and characteristics of literature. Intermediate courses survey Western and non-Western literature and culture and continue instruction in composition and research. Advanced courses explore in greater detail the literature written in English, the language, and the teaching of writing.