School of Business

Marketing Concentration

The study of marketing explores the dynamic processes in which persons and organizations strive to anticipate and satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. Students develop an understanding of the concepts and functions of marketing, including the appreciation of consumer orientation and the refinement of the skills and abilities needed to analyze and formulate marketing strategies. This concentration is particularly relevant to the student planning a career in sales, advertising, consumer relations, brand management, and marketing research. This concentration also prepares students for graduate study.

Concentration Requirements

21 semester hours
BA 325. Consumer Behavior
BA 430. Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
BA 435. Marketing Research
BA 455. Leadership

Electives: Choose three from:
BA 341. Financial Statement Analysis
BA 410. Advertising & Promotion
or MCOM 370. Advertising and Communications
BA 412. Sports Marketing
BA 425. Sales Management
BA 434. Facilities and Event Management
BA 470. Marketing Internship
BA 499. Business Directed “Maymester”

Course Descriptions

Note: Students interested in the area of Sports Marketing should consider BA 412 and BA 434 as electives above.

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