School of Business

Undergraduate Degree Programs

A liberal arts foundation serves as the base for the business administration undergraduate major offered by the School of Business. This major has been designed with a global perspective as well as an entrepreneurial focus. In addition, students will explore a broad range of ethical issues that impact society and the corporate world. The major in business administration requires 12 business core courses (36 semester hours), 5 specific courses (15 semester hours) from the general education requirements, plus 7 courses (21 semester hours) from a business concentration.

Business Core Courses

36 semester hours
ACC 201. Accounting I
ACC 202. Accounting II
ECON 321. Global Economics
BA 301. Management
BA 314. Business Law I
BA 320. Marketing
BA 340. Finance for Business
BA 350. Quantitative Methods
BA 370. Project Management
BA 400. International Business
BA 440. Strategic Management
TM 401. Management Information Systems

Course Descriptions


For the major in business administration, each student must select a concentration in a specific field. Concentrations are available in Accounting, Finance, General Business, Management, and Marketing.



General Business



The Walker School of Business also offers a general business minor for non-business majors.

Find additional information about courses and concentrations in the Piedmont College Catalog.