Travel Study

Piedmont College is pleased to offer our students opportunities for experiential learning through our Travel/Study programs. These programs are open to all of our undergraduate students and our hope is that students will enrich their academic programs with travel to various parts of the world. Please join us and take advantage of the following opportunities to step into the 21st century and become a global citizen at Piedmont College!

Travel/Study Program

Every year several faculty develop courses and plan travel that takes students to various parts of the US or the world. In recent years, students have enriched their academic programs with planned study in Germany, Prague, Costa Rica, Japan, Spain, Ireland, and Scotland through the Travel/Study program. Domestic trips have taken students to the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, the Northeast, California and Alaska. Typically, faculty and students travel during the summer semester for 7 – 14 days, depending on the location for the trip.

We hope that all Piedmont College undergraduates will experience the advantage of travel/study at least once during their years at the College. Click on the links to the left to learn more about the opportunities.

Semester Abroad Program

Piedmont College students also have the opportunity of spending one semester abroad studying at our partner institution, the University of Nottingham in England or on the University’s China campus, in Ningbo. Previous participants have described the life changing experience they have had living in the UK for three to six months where over 2,000 students are from foreign countries from around the world.

Piedmont College students pay the same tuition and room and board as if attending the Demorest campus and all scholarships and loans awarded apply to the cost of attending the University.

Piedmont College is pleased to offer such a wonderful opportunity and we sincerely hope undergraduate students will consider taking on the rewarding opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad. We’ll be with you every step of the way! Click on the links to the left to learn more about the opportunity!

International Studies Major

Another way to internationalize your college education is to become an International Studies major. Courses required of the major allow students to become conversant in a foreign language and to have first- hand experience with the politics, economics, and culture of Asian, Hispanic, or European countries. The INT major prepares students to live and work in a globally connected world whether in the business arena, government agencies, or for non-profit organizations.