School of Education


The School of Education offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare teachers at the initial and advanced levels.

Programs of study include undergraduate programs in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, Secondary Education, and Drama Education.

Graduate programs at both the initial and advanced certification levels include master’s programs in Art Education, Early Childhood Education, Music Education, four content areas in Secondary Education, and Special Education. The School offers an advanced program in Middle Grades Education. Also available are Master of Arts degrees in Instructional Technology, with separate tracks for teachers seeking advanced certification and for non-teachers.

The School of Education also offers Education Specialist and Education Doctorate degrees in Curriculum and Instruction.

Program delivery methods include traditional classroom-based instruction, online instruction, and hybrid methods as appropriate for each particular course. An innovative approach to delivering instruction, pioneered by Piedmont College in our region, is the cohort delivery model used in our Ed.S. degree program. The cohort model allows us to offer a complete Ed.S. degree program, off-campus, to cohorts of students formed in school systems in surrounding counties.

A unique aspect of the School of Education offerings is our partnership with Foxfire. This partnership consists of a formal, contractual agreement between Foxfire and Piedmont College which transferred the management of Foxfire's programs for teachers to us. As a result, we offer Foxfire courses for K-12 teachers and a Foxfire course for college instructors taught at Piedmont, other institutions, and school districts.