Student Complaints and Grievances

Any student filing a complaint or grievance must first attempt to resolve it by consulting with the involved faculty or staff member. In the event no resolution is reached, the student should bring or send the complaint or grievance, in writing, to the appropriate officer of the College (the Vice President for Academic Affairs, for academic matters; the Assistant Vice President for Finance and Human Resources, for problems with charges, business office matters, or financial aid concerns; or the Dean of Students, for non-academic matters), or to the President of the College, who will assign the complaint or grievance to the appropriate officer. The officer will attempt to resolve the problem in a manner satisfactory to all concerned. By Executive Order from the Governor of the State of Georgia, the Office of Inspector General is designated as the state agency responsible for receiving complaints made by students enrolled in private postsecondary institutions. (Contact Information: Office of the State Inspector General, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive S.W., 1102 West Tower, Atlanta Georgia 30334. Phone 404-656-7924.)