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The School of Education offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare teachers at the initial and advanced levels. Programs of study include undergraduate programs in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, Secondary Education, and Drama Education. Graduate programs at both the initial and advanced certification levels include master’s programs in Art Education, Early Childhood Education, Music Education, four content areas in Secondary Education, and Special Education. The School also offers an advanced program in Middle Grades Education, as well as the Education Specialist and Education Doctorate in Teacher Leadership.

The theme of the School of Education is “Mastering the art of teaching: Preparing proactive educators to improve the lives of all children.” The School of Education strives to prepare scholarly, reflective, proactive educators in a caring environment with challenging and meaningful learning experiences. These practitioners effectively educate their own students to become knowledgeable, inquisitive, and collaborative learners in diverse, democratic learning communities.

Specific ideals under-gird our conceptual framework. We advocate the democratic ideals of: equal rights and opportunities; individual freedom and responsibility; responsibility for the greater good; respect for diversity; openness to possibilities; and open, informed discourse.

We endorse the following processes as a means of striving for our democratic ideals: engaging in participatory decision-making; collaborating in teaching and learning; collecting information from all constituencies; examining options and projecting consequences; nurturing open discourse; providing for field experiences; assessing processes as well as products; modeling democratic ideals in the classroom; forming communities of learners; and constantly revising the curriculum to reflect new insights and understandings. Further, we endorse the development of a sense of personal integrity and of strong habits of mind (e.g., reflectiveness, persistence, clarity, accuracy, and responsiveness to feedback).