Flagship Written Assignment

According to Dictionary.com, the term flagship has several meanings including, "the best or most important one of a group or a system". In each graduate course, a written "flagship" paper is assigned to students, evaluated with the Scholarly Writing Rubric, and all data uploaded via the link below. The flagship writing is designated to support the Teaching and Learning Department with the following goals:
  1. Assess and document student scholarly writing skills with an adequate level of inter-rater reliability.
  2. Provide students progressive feedback on their scholarly writing throughout the graduate degree experience.
  3. Serve as one of many data-based decision tools for faculty that support students in their academic progression.

    Flagship Resources
    Master's of Arts/Master's of Arts in Teaching (MA/MAT)
    1. EDEC/EDMG MAT/MA Capstone Instructions
    2. EDSE Capstone Instructions

    Education Specialists (EdS)
    1. Anatomy of an EDS Research Paper

    Education Doctorate (EdD)
    1. EDD Abstract & Dissertation Template & Guidelines
    2. Piedmont College Dissertations

    Flagship Rubrics
    1. Flagship Assignment Scholarly Writing Rubric (Hard Copy)

Flagship Assignment Syllabus Text [Copy and Insert into All Syllabi]
[Ed-text is coming in next day or two]

Scholarly Writing Resources
  1. Purdue Owl APA Guide Site
  2. Purdue Owl-APA Presentation
  3. American Psychological Association
  4. Piedmont College Learning Center
  5. Xavier University Writing Center