Official Transcripts showing your conferred degree are not available until approximately a week after your graduation date, at the end of the academic semester in which you are graduating.

After completion of your Masters of Arts degree it is your responsibility to complete the documents required by the Professional Standards Commission to receive the appropriate upgrade to your certificate. Piedmont College does not do this for you. Each school district has different operating procedures for accomplishing this, but below are the guidelines for you to follow:

Download the 3 page Application from the PSC web site at:

Complete the Application – the form must be completed in black ink with all caps in the square letter boxes. PSC is picky about these forms. Write neatly with no stray marks.

Page 1:
Check the box for "Upgrade to a Higher Certificate Level". (2nd from the bottom). Write on the line what your teaching area is (i.e. Early Childhood, Middle Grades - Language Arts & Social Science, Special Education General Curriculum, Secondary Science, etc).

Do not write in a “Fee Submitted”. This will be waived if you are employed. If you are not employed then you must include a cashier’s check for $20 payable to PSC. If this is the case then you will not include the Employer Assurance Form explained below.

Page 2:
Academic Record:
List every college you have ever attended. For all institutions except Piedmont, check that your transcript is “On File”. Beside Piedmont College, check that your transcript is "Attached”. Request an official transcript from the Piedmont Registrar’s Office by printing the transcript request form located at the bottom of their web page and faxing or mailing it to the address at the top of the form:

Piedmont Transcript Request Form

When you have received your transcript DO NOT OPEN IT! It must be submitted in an unopened envelope when you submit it along with your Application to your Human Resources office.

Resources office.

Academic Record Example

College, State

Dates Attended

Degree Earned

Check One

Tran On File

Tran Attached

Tran Being Sent

University of Georgia 8/1994-5/1998 BA

Piedmont College





Certification Record:
Fill in the Certification Record information if applicable. This is for certifications from out of state. The NBPTS stands for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Assessment Record:
List on the first row your Praxis I or GACE Basic Skills tests. On the next row list your Praxis II or GACE II test field and the date you passed the tests. If you have alternative test scores, such as SAT's or ACT's, that exempt you from taking Praxis I or GACE Basic Skills, write the word "EXEMPT" in the box under "Date Passed".

Scores for both tests should already be on file with the PSC. Under "Copy Attached" write the words "On File".

Assessment Record Example

State / Jurisdiction

Content / Subject Assessment

Date Passed

Copy Attached

Copy Being Sent


GACE Basic Skills Test


On File



GACE II Early Childhood


On File


Page 3:
Personal Affirmation:
Be sure to read the personal affirmation, sign and date the form. Be advised: Read carefully. It states, "DO NOT include matters that the PSC has investigated or is currently investing". If you check "Yes" for one of the questions then you will be required to attached an explanation and any additional supporting documentation.

Employer Assurance Form:

Bring your competed Application Form and your Official Transcript to your School District Human Resources Office and request that they process your upgrade. They will need to submit to PSC the third form, the Employer Assurance Form, which waives your $20 upgrade fee.