In Summary, this is what you will be doing:

  1. Fill out the Georgia Application for Certification.
  2. Fax, mail or drop off your paperwork to the Certification Officer at Piedmont.
    (See the Home Page of this website for contact information).
  3. Ask your school district HR office to submit an Employer Assurance Form to the PSC.

Step 1. Print the two forms below :

Step 2. Complete the Application:

Item 1:
Use ALL CAPS in the top portion and BLACK INK throughout the form. Be neat! These forms are scanned and will be rejected if not complete or clearly written.

List your name as you want it to appear on your certificate. If you will have a name change in the immediate future, or now have a different name than when you took your certification tests, use your new name. The address you list will be the address that your teaching certificate is mailed to. Put down a stable address where you can get your mail, even if it is not where you live now.

Item 2:
Since you are already teaching with a non-renewable certificate put down the name of your school district (not your school name). This would be the district that you have a contract with at the time of your graduation.

Item 3:
A. Bubble in 6th item “Convert Non-Renewable Certificate to Clear Renewable Status ” and 16th item “Upgrade to a higher Level” because you are also getting a masters degree.

B. List your teaching field on the blank line. Include your concentration if you are getting Secondary or Middle Grades. (i.e. Secondary - English)

C. Leave the “Fee submitted” blank. You will be covering your fee by having your school district file the Employer Assurance Form.

Page 2: Put your name and social security # at the top of page 2.

Academic Record:
List each college you have attended, even if you just took one course there. Beside the college name put the approximate dates you attended (i.e. Jan 2000—May 2001) and then the degree you received. Beside Piedmont College it will be “MAT”.

PSC needs official transcripts from all the schools you attended. In most instances the PSC will already have your transcripts, other than that from Piedmont, already on file. Put a √ in the column if you already have these transcripts “On File”. On the row for Piedmont put a √ in the column for “Transcript Attached”. We will get and attach your official Piedmont transcript showing your final degree.

Academic Record Example
College, State
Dates Attended
Degree Earned
Check One
Tran On File
Tran Attached
Tran Being Sent
University of GA 8/1994-5/1995 B.A.
Piedmont College 8/2000-5/2004 MAT

Certification Record:
Fill in the Certification Record information if applicable. This is for certifications from other states.

Answer the next three questions: If you hold a non-renewable, which you should if you are reading this, check “Yes” and write “Non-Renewable” off to the side. The NBPTS stands for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Your answer to this will probably bo "No".

Assessment Record:
List on the first row your Praxis I or GACE Basic Skills tests. If you have alternative test scores, such as SAT's or ACT's, instead of Praxis I or GACE Basic Skills, write the word "EXEMPT" on the row for the test and in the box under "Date Passed". On the next row list your Praxis II or GACE II test field and the last date you passed both part of the content tests. Scores for both tests should already be on file with the PSC. Under "Copy Attached" write the words "On File".

Assessment Record Example
State / Jurisdiction
Content / Subject Assessment
Date Passed
Copy Attached
Copy Being Sent
Georgia GACE I Basic Skills Test Exempt
On File
Georgia GACE II Early Childhood 11/18/2006
On File

Page 3: Put your name and social security # at the top of page 3.

Personal Affirmation:
What you indicate on this form must match any background check performed. You must be honest or PSC will NOT issue your certificate. Follow the instructions on the form carefully. Bubble in the appropriate answers. Don't forget to sign the form. The signature date cannot be more than 80 days prior to your graduation date.

Please call either the School of Education Dean or the Education Certification Officer at Piedmont if you have questions or concerns about your Personal Affirmation. We would be happy to discuss with you privately any concerns you have. If you check "Yes" for one of the questions then you can expect that your application will take much longer to be processed by PSC.

Sign and date the bottom of the form. Be sure you do not sign the form more than 80 days prior to your graduation date.

Step 3. Complete the Employer Assurance Form.

  • Use ALL CAPS in the top portion and BLACK INK throughout the form.

  • List your name , SS# and DOB as you wrote it on your Application.

  • Take only this form to your School District Human Resources (Personnel) office and ask them to complete the form and file it with the PSC.

Step 4: Submit your Application to Piedmont:

Fax, mail or drop off your application and documents to the Certification Officer at Piedmont.
(See the Home Page of this website for contact information). Piedmont will electronically submit your Application along with your official Piedmont transcript to PSC.

Please Note: If you are already teaching with a non-renewable certificate your employer may want to process your application themselves. In this case you will need to request your official Piedmont transcript yourself AND notify me that you require a Program Recommendation. I submit the Recommendation form electronically.