Religious Life

Message from the Chaplain

Piedmont College is proud of our Congregational heritage. Many of the Pilgrims who first came to New England in 1620 were Congregationalists. To accommodate the need for a learned clergy, they founded Harvard College sixteen years later, and then went on to establish over 60 colleges; many of them focused on minority groups and women. Our institution was originally a mission outpost to educate people in the mountains of North Georgia. We continue to maintain relationships with local Congregational churches and the regional and national church bodies they comprise.

As a church-related college, Piedmont recognizes that faith and learning are frequently intertwined. In keeping with Congregationalism, we acknowledge that each individual understands and relates to God in a unique way.  We hope that the student body will always represent a breadth of religious backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. Our aim is to respond to questions and issues of faith that arise in the classroom, on the athletic fields or courts, and in the residence and dining halls. 

The slate of religious life activities emerges out of the initiative taken by students and what is happening around the globe. Worship, social justice, and the relationship between faith and politics are the areas of concern that get the most attention, but the list of possibilities is limitless. Over the years, students have expressed their faith in the context of an eclectic array of pursuits: praise and worship services; Bible studies; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; raising money for hurricane relief and food pantries; creating environments that simulate what it is like to be homeless or a refugee; organizing World AIDS Day programs; hosting a Jewish Purim celebration; planning forums that address the impact of war or the boundary between church and state; and putting together care packages for classmates who are ill. 

If your faith calls you to wrestle with a personal dilemma or raise awareness about a social issue, or you are unsettled about how God is at work in your life or the world, or you would like to talk to about a matter unrelated to religion, I remain available to listen or help you make something happen. 

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College Chaplain