Religion and the
Liberal Arts
Annual Conference

The Dignity of Difference:
Being Christian in a
Multi-Faith World

February 28–March 1, 2014

Claremont and Pomona, California

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"The Dignity of Difference" is the theme of this year's conference, which will feature keynote speakers the Rev. Dr. Barbara Brown Taylor, internationally acclaimed preacher and best-selling author, who also serves as Butman Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Piedmont College; and Dr. Jeffrey Kuan, President of the Claremont School of Theology. Joining them will be Dr. Tammi J. Schneider, Professor of Religion and Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities at Claremont Graduate University.

Attendees will experience first-hand and from varying perspectives the significance of being Christian in a multi-faith world, according to the conference organizer, the Rev. Dr. Ashley Cleere, Piedmont College Chaplain. "As Christians interact with persons of other faiths with increasing regularity, understanding how to honor and cherish difference is essential," Cleere said. "If we shy away from difference, we run the risk of suppressing faithful expression."

Taylor adds, "Sacred texts are rich with support for difference: why it exists, why it matters, why it is essential to our humanity, and why it represents the will of God. Our own tradition is laden with teachings about how to relate to others in ways that embody equality and peace."

The conference will include an evening banquet and opening remarks by Schneider on Friday, Feb. 28, at the Hilton DoubleTree in Claremont, followed by keynote addresses by Taylor and Kuan on Saturday, March 1, at the Pilgrim Congregational Church in Pomona.

The conference fee of $150 includes three meals and all breakout session materials.


Featured Speakers

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Barbara Brown

Piedmont College
Jeffrey Kuan
Claremont School
of Theology
Tammi Schneider
Claremont Graduate