Piedmont College Compass

Project Proposal for an Experiential Learning Endeavor (ELE)

You should discuss this form thoroughly with your sponsor before submitting.
Date: date selector Student Name: Student ID#: Student Email: (1) Is this ELE a Maymester or other travel study excursion? Yes, Travel Study No, not Travel Study (2) Does this ELE involve an activity: in which you are already engaged? that is new to you? (3) What campus departments, offices, or community partners will be involved? Who is the contact person for the above? (An on-campus contact person will not necessarily be the sponsor.) Contact Name: Contact Email: Contact Phone: (4) Compass Point you plan to pursue:
(Choose one. Students who are working together on a project are not required to pursue the same Compass Point.)
(5) The Navigation Manual provides descriptions of each compass point. Referring to the definition of the compass point you chose, explain in detail, using complete sentences, how your ELE will address that particular compass point. Project Title: (If Travel Study is involved, refer to p. 16 of Navigation Manual for specific requirements.) Academic Advisor: Social Ethics Cultural Awareness Creativity & Innovation Leadership Vocation Service-Learning