sim-man-web-img 9148For Registered Nurses Seeking a Bachelor's Degree

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For Registered Nurses wishing to obtain the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, the program of study is three and one half semesters in length following completion of all General Education requirements required of the nursing major and admission to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. The Georgia RN-BSN Articulation Model is used to facilitate progression through the program. The Registered Nurse wishing to take advantage of this educational opportunity must meet the criteria outlined in the Articulation Model as well as the requirements of the School of Nursing and Piedmont College. Professional nursing courses are scheduled one day each week in order to allow the RN student to work, if desired. Practicums in Community Health and Leadership and Management are arranged with approved preceptors in appropriate clinical sites at times convenient to both the RN student and the preceptor.

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