Philosophy & Religion


The value of philosophical and religious studies in preparation for a life well lived can hardly be overstated. In particular, study of philosophy and religion is especially valuable in at least these three ways:

(1) As a general liberal arts program, philosophy and religion prepares the student to live a well-examined life, to develop skills for theoretical and practical thinking that are valuable in any career path whatsoever. As such, philosophy and religion as a major or as a selection of classes can enhance one’s ability to take one’s place in society as a well-educated citizen. Further, study in philosophy and religion prepares one for any career where a traditional liberal arts degree is valued.

(2) Philosophy and religion also provides an excellent preparation for post-graduate professional study, especially in the areas of law and divinity. The thinking and argumentation skills developed are especially useful to those entering law school. The critical examination of core religious systems of thought is especially valuable for those entering seminary or divinity school.

(3) Philosophy and religion is also an excellent preparation for post-graduate academic work in a variety of fields. Obviously, for those wishing to pursue study of philosophy or religion at the master’s or doctoral level, the philosophy and religion major is especially appropriate. Furthermore, those considering further education in a variety of other fields, especially in the humanities or liberal arts fields, will find the philosophy and religion major to be an excellent preparation for academic graduate work in those areas as well.

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