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Well With My Soul: Faith and Health in the 21st Century

Talk Back with Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor teaches religion at Piedmont College in northeast Georgia. She is the author of twelve books, including the New York Times bestseller An Altar in the World, published by HarperOne in February 2009. Her first memoir, Leaving Church, met with widespread critical acclaim, winning a 2006 Author of the Year award from the Georgia Writers Association. A contributing editor to Sojourners, an at-large editor for The Christian Century and sometime commentator on Georgia Public Radio, Taylor lives on a working farm with her husband, Ed, and a yard full of animals.

Talk Back with Gary Gunderson

Rev. Dr. Gary R. Gunderson is Senior Vice President, Faith & Health for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and Director, Center of Excellence in Faith & Health. His leadership roles focus on building the capacity of religious institutions to advance health and wholeness. Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare is one of the largest faith-based healthcare systems in the United States, ranked in the top 100 integrated systems in terms of quality and recognized by U.S. News and World Report as the best system in the region.

Caring for the Flock: Parish Nursing

If you have ever thought about creating a parish nurse program or wondered about how to do so, this workshop is for you. A nursing professor who established programs in two congregations will identify the benefits and key components of a parish nursing, and walk through the steps necessary for starting and sustaining a program.

Making Connections Through Music

This workshop will pose an opportunity to delve into the themes of the music performed by Christopher Grundy on Friday evening with the composer, and to consider the connections between music, community, worship, healing, and well being. If the gathered group is so inclined, the session will also discuss formation, healing, and well being in relation to worship more broadly.

Stephen Ministry: A System of Care for Congregation

Attendees will be introduced to the requirements, benefits, and processes of providing pastoral care through the Stephen Ministry system of care for congregations. Built on a model of one-to-one caring by trained lay persons called “Stephen Ministers,” Stephen Ministry is a valuable in-depth tool for congregations to strengthen and extend their pastoral care ministry. Hear from both clergy and laity about one congregation’s story with this ministry.

The Interior Journey

This workshop is for those whose crowded calendars hold little room for listening to one’s inner voice. By drawing on insights, analogies, and exercises from religious, philosophical and spiritual traditions, participants will examine ways to cultivate the interior journey to bring about wellness that enhances both work and play.

Whole Self, Whole Communities

Come explore how the expression of your ‘whole self’ is critical to transformational, whole, healthy communities. This workshop is for lay and religious leaders who recognize how foundational our social lives and our connectedness are to the well-being of self and others—the trellis of the abundant community. The workshop leader will share practices that bridge the inner life and social change action, activated through trusted relational networks formed to align the strengths of faith and health organizations in transformative ways.