Math and science lectures set for Nov. 18:

The Department of Natural Science, Department of Math, and the Piedmont College Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) are hosting the Natural Science Seminar Series on Nov. 18 in Stewart Auditorium. The presentations are free and open to the public.

The two presenters are Dr. Brad Bailey, professor of math at North Georgia College and State Unviersity, and Philip Bucolo, who researched marine life in Antarctica for his doctoral dissertation.

Brad BaileyStarting at 1:30 p.m., Bailey will present his seminar entitled “Can You Color This?” The presentation is in three parts. First, the speaker will define some easily understood terms from graph theory, including research on graph colorings, to provide an example to apply the research. Then, Bailey will challenge the audience to color graphs based on particular requirements. Lastly, the speaker will outline conditions for the colors to exist.

This presentation is light and fun for audience members. Please bring something to color with and paper so you can participate in the presentation.

Phillip BucoloAt 3 p.m., Bucolo will present his research on sensory and defensive ecology of two species of microalgae. He will discuss how understanding the microalgae’s chemical environment is important to understanding the ecology of an entire system. Part of Bucolo’s presentation will include his travels and experiences while in Antarctica.

Bucolo studied with Dr. Chuck Amsler on the Western Antarctic Peninsula, which is the fastest warming place on Earth, and said that understanding the ecosystems there is important to future climate and ecology research.