Piedmont moves up in U.S. News College ranking

Piedmont College jumped nine places in the annual “U.S. News and World Report” ranking of colleges across the nation, which was published Sept. 13.

In the rankings for 2012, among the 140 regional universities in the 12 southeastern states, Piedmont took the 60th spot. Only two private colleges in Georgia, Mercer and Brenau, were ranked higher.

U.S. News evaluates colleges based on a variety of categories, including tuition, class size, selectivity, and other factors. The magazine also groups colleges by size. National Universities include institutions that offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees, and also conduct top level research. Regional Universities, including Piedmont, offer undergraduate and graduate classes with a limited number of doctoral degrees.

“Piedmont is the smallest college in the state to offer a doctoral program, and U.S. News includes us with the much larger institutions, some of which have 10 or 20 times the enrollment that we have,” said Piedmont President Dr. James Mellichamp. “That puts our ranking in perspective and makes it even more notable that we have moved up significantly in one year. That is just one indication of the hard work our faculty and staff have put into improving Piedmont over the last few years.”