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Saying Grace: Food, Justice, and Sustainability

Photos from this year's conference

Photos from 2010

Author and preacher Barbara Brown Taylor, the Butman Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Piedmont, led a two-day symposium titled, “Saying Grace: Food, Justice, and Sustainability” in Athens.

Representatives from Koinonia Farm and Georgia Organics conducted workshops at the conference, which examined the ethical, social and practical issues related to what we eat. The conference was held Feb. 18-19 at the Classic Center and at Piedmont College in Athens.

Workshops were conducted by Sarah Prendergast of Koinonia Farm, a Christian farm community near Americus. Koinonia was founded in 1942 by Clarence Jordan, author of “The Cotton Patch Gospel,” to promote racial equality. Ed Taylor of Georgia Organics discussed that organization’s promotion of sustainable and locally grown foods in Georgia.

Barbara Brown Taylor delivered the keynote address on the topic “Is the Bible Green?” Norman Wirzba, research professor of theology, ecology, and rural life at Duke Divinity School, delivered the plenary address on “The Grace of Good Food: Eating and the Life of Faith.” The conference also included a concert by Mississippi singer/songwriter Kate Campbell.

This year’s symposium also included a workshop for youth leaders in various settings. Tim Hudson, a Piedmont senior philosophy and religion major, discussed methods to reconnect teenagers to the creation and the creator.

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