pc-debate-sarah-smagure-lo-kf4m0389Piedmont student to attend West Point conference

Sarah Smagur of Clarkesville will represent Piedmont College at the 65th annual Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA) at West Point Military Academy Oct. 30-Nov. 2

Smagur is a junior mass communications major and member of the college Debate Team. The oldest and largest undergraduate conference of its type, SCUSA attracts more than 200 students from 100 colleges and universities worldwide. Throughout the conference, the delegates and cadets debate and formulate policy recommendations that realistically model American strategic responses to significant national and global challenges.

The highlights of the four-day conference include the opening senior panel discussion, an evening keynote banquet address, four roundtable sessions, and a closing-report session. The organizing theme this year is "Navigating Demographic Flows: Populations, Power and Policy."  Cadets and delegates will consider the current direction and velocity of demographic trends across regions and topics, and then determine how U.S. policy might manage these trends into the future to advance U.S. interests.