Cohort Model for Program Delivery

Masters in Education, Specialist in Education


Preparing proactive educators to improve the lives of all children.


What is a cohort?

A cohort is a group of teachers with similar backgrounds and educational interests who collectively take courses on site, usually at a local school in their county. A cohort is usually made up of 16-18 educators. The Masters degree programs are available for individuals who already have a clear-renewable certificate in Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education (Math, Language Arts, Social Sciences or Science) or Secondary Education (Math, English ,History or Science). Teachers in other fields may be qualified to attend in order to add a new field to an exisiting clear-renewable certificate. The Education Specialist program in Curriculum and Instruction is available for educators with a clear-renewable T, or S teaching certificate.

For more information contact Graduate Admissions at 800-277-7020 . You may also contact the Cohort Coordinator serving in your area (listed below) or Tiffany Beck Collins, Assistant Coordinator for Off-Campus Programs at 706-778-8500 ext. 1497.


Academic Advisement

The Cohort Coordinator is responsible for making contact with local school districts to obtain permission for conducting a cohort. The Coordinator also acts as liaison with the district once the cohort begins and assists the cohort in identifying areas of need or concerns. The Coordinator develops a program of study to meet the needs of the cohort. The Coordinator also works with faculty, candidates for the degree, and college officials to ensure that all aspects of the program are managed in such a way as to meet the goals and objectives of the School of Education.

The Coordinator will be the academic advisor and maintains files for the candidates in the cohort. In some cases, especially for those seeking advanced secondary certification, the academic advisor consults with a content field liaison.


Cohort Degree Options:


· Early Childhood Education – Advanced Certification

· Early Childhood Education - Adding a New Field

· Middle Grades Education – Advanced Certification

· Secondary Education - Advanced Certification: Mathematics, English, History and Broadfield Science

The MA program in Early Childhood Education and Middle Grades Education requires a minimum of 30 hours for a candidate seeking Advanced Certification and a minimum of 33 hours for Adding Early Childhood Education as a new field. For a candidate seeking Advanced certification in Secondary Education a minimum of 36 semester hours is required. Typically a cohort takes about 15 months or four semesters to complete. Applicants who want to change fields to areas in which they are not presently certified will be individually advised based on evaluation of their undergraduate transcripts. Additional courses may be required of these candidates. ANF, Middle Grades and Secondary candidates may have to travel to the Demorest or Athens campuses to complete their content coursework and program.


Education Specialist

The EDS degree program includes 30 hours of course work. This degree provides for a certificate upgrade of a candidate's current T or S certification. Typically a cohort takes about 15 months or four semesters to complete.

Each cohort group works very closely with the assigned Cohort Coordinator.