Department of Music


Music scholarships are available to all students who qualify through audition. Scholarship amounts may vary, but the standard awards are as follows:

1. Music major - up to $2500 per academic year, $1250 per semester. Open to students majoring in any instrument: brass, organ, piano, voice, woodwinds.

2. Ensemble Scholarships
Chamber Singers - up to $500 per academic year, $250 per semester.
Chamber Orchestra - up to $500 per academic year, $250 per semester.
Wind Ensemble - up to $500 per academic year, $250 per semester.
Pep Band - $250.00 per semester(spring semester only).

3. Music minor - up to $500 per academic year, $250 per semester.

*4. James F. Mellichamp Music Scholarship - $1000 per academic year, $500 per semester.

*5. Harold S. Hannum Scholarship - $1000 per academic year, $500 per semester.


*Must be a music major to be considered for these scholarships.
Students may be eligible for more than one scholarship category.

Audition requirements:

1. Be prepared to perform at least one piece on your primary instrument (brass, guitar, organ, piano, strings, voice, woodwinds) that will demonstrate your strengths--tone, range, technical skill, etc. For singers, art song, lieder, or aria. For instrumentalists, sonatina, sonata movement, etude, or any solo piece for your instrument.

2. Sight-reading

3. For singers, tonal memory

4. For instrumentalists, scales and arpeggios.

To ensure consideration for a music scholarship, the deadline for auditions is April 1. Please contact the Department of Music to set up an audition time. Those auditioning after April 1 will be considered if funds are still available.

A student who is awarded one of these scholarships must maintain at least a 2.5 overall GPA, a 3.0 in music classes, attend a minimum number of on-campus recitals and concerts, and contribute to the overall success of the music department to continue receiving a music scholarship. Each student's semester grades and level of contribution will be evaluated every semester.

Under normal circumstances, scholarships are awarded during the fall and spring semesters only, and each student is eligible for only four years of music scholarships. Please refer to the Music Department Scholarship Agreement for detailed rules and regulations concerning music scholarships.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are awarded, when funds are available, to two candidates in the Graduate Music Education Program. The recipients will work in the Music Department up to 20 hours per week and assist music faculty in one or more of the following areas depending on the candidate's interest and/or departmental needs: teaching assistant, ensemble conducting, administrative assistant, and/or facilities supervisor for special events. The graduate assistantships cover up to six hours of course work and pays up to $2500 each semester.
The guidelines for graduate assistantships in Music:

Acceptance into the Graduate Program in Music Education. A minimum of nine credit hours each semester of study. A minimum GPA of 3.5 during course of study.

Duties include the following: Administrative duties as assigned. Assist faculty members in preparing for classes. Assist with rehearsals and concerts for ensembles, including conducting in performances. Tutoring of students in music theory and music history as needed. Supervise special events and concerts in the Center for Worship and Music

The deadline for application is April 1.

Please see the Piedmont College Catalog or contact Dr. Wallace Hinson, Chair, Department of Music, 706-778-8500, ext. 1211, for admission requirements to the Graduate Music Education Program.