MBA Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the program duration?

A. The required courses are scheduled so that the MBA program can be completed in 18 months. Courses are offered in a staggered sequence between campuses.


Q. How many courses will I take in a semester?

A. The program is made up of 12 courses that are 3 credit hours each (36 credit hours). Full time students take three courses in each semester. Semesters are divided in two eight week sessions. As a result you will usually take two courses the first eight week session and one course the second eight week session. Part-timers are welcome.


Q. Are the courses offered at night?

A. Yes, courses are always offered on Monday and Thursday evenings. Each course meets one night per week from 5:50 until 10:10PM for eight weeks.


Q. What is the total cost of the program?

A. Total program cost is $444.00 per semester hour per the 2013 – 2014 catalog. Call the business office and/or financial aid at 800-277-7020. This is the same price as last year.


Q. What are minimums for program entry?

A. An acceptable score on a standard entrance exam is required. An undergraduate GPA of 2.75 is recommended. Transfer applicants having successfully completed (B or better) at least 6 graduate hours at another institution are exempt from this testing requirement. Piedmont business majors can also elect the fast track admissions process which also excludes the testing requirement if the student has 3.0 GPA.


Q. Is the program open to non-business majors?

A. Yes, the program is open to everyone, but there are prerequisites for some courses; Economics, Accounting, Management, and Marketing.