School of Business

Course Descriptions

A minimum of 36 semester graduate credit hours (12 courses) are required.

BUSA 6100–Managerial Ethics
Explores a broad range of ethical issues and resulting opinions that impact one's
role in both society and the corporate world.

BUSA 6200–Strategic Marketing
The focus of this course is driven by marketing decision making and the linkages between strategic management and marketing management.

BUSA 6220–Global Economic Analysis
The focus of this course is driven by international trade theory and policy as well as international monetary theory and policy.

BUSA 6310–Leadership
Master the behavioral science literature that underpins leadership theory and then learn how to create competitive advantage from the use of human resources through the employment of leadership.

BUSA/ACCT 6430–Financial Investment Analysis
Examines the theoretical and technical concepts involved in investing in marketable securities.

BUSA/ACCT 6500–Corporate Financial Analysis
Explores theory and practical applications of corporate finance.

BUSA/ACCT 6530–Managerial Accounting
Examines how internal managers for planning and controlling operations as well as other management responsibilities use accounting data.

BUSA 6600–Statistics for Value Chain Analysis
Investigates the technological and statistical concepts inherent in the analysis of the value chain in order to help the student acquire a working knowledge of methods commonly employed to design and/or improve operations, systems, and processes

BUSA 6610–Project Management Analysis
Emphasizes the role that successfully executed projects play in continuous improvement efforts.

BUSA 6820–Legal Environment and Strategic Human Resource Management
Explores the practices associated with each phase of the employment process and the potential impacts upon the strategic management of the firm.

BUSA 6900–Governance and Strategic Management Analysis
The strategic management process is the mainstay of this course. This means a focus on macro, industry and rival analysis; competitive advantage assessment; and value chain development.

BUSA 6910–Capstone of Contemporary Issues
A comprehensive program evaluation and the culmination of the MBA program.  This course serves as an integration mechanism for the M.B.A. curriculum.  A written industry analysis (with accompanying presentation) prepared individually will serve as the assessment activity for the program as well as one of the graded activities for the course.

Note: Students lacking an undergraduate degree in business from a regionally accredited institution must successfully complete the prerequisite undergraduate course work listed below prior to enrolling in certain MBA courses. The prerequisite course work must be taken at a regionally accredited institution and a grade of "C" or better must be earned.

Students admitted to the MBA program can elect to take the undergraduate courses listed below at Piedmont College at the graduate credit hour rates.

Piedmont equivalent course:
ACCT 2010 Financial Accounting
ACCT 2020 Managerial Accounting
BUSA 1210 Principles of Economics
BUSA 3010 Management and BUSA 3200 Marketing

In the case of the management and marketing requirement, BUSA 4030 will satisfy the students' need for marketing alone, management alone, or both if offered.