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The Master of Business Administration program is designed to serve the educational and practical interests of individuals who are seeking managerial positions or wish to progress to higher levels of responsibility within their existing organizations. The program is especially beneficial to those with work experience but new business school graduates are also accommodated on an exception basis. It is therefore preferred, not required, that all candidates, especially those without business degrees, have two years of relevant experience. The focus of the program is on core concepts that relate to both small businesses as well as large enterprises. We believe that organizations value managers with an entrepreneurial perspective. Our focus on core business competencies underpins the following program outcomes.

Students graduating with a graduate business degree will have demonstrated

• A professional proficiency in the functional areas of business
• Effective critical thinking skills as applied to complex business problems
• Effective communication skills
• An understanding of the individual’s ethical responsibilities in a business environment
• The ability to formulate business strategy.

The MBA program of study with highly structured course offerings makes effective use of resources and allows students to effectively integrate their studies into their professional and personal lives.

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