M.A.T. in Secondary Education

For candidates who hold a bachelors degree, who are not currently certified in Georgia, and who seek initial certification in secondary education in English, history, mathematics or broadfield science.

45 hours of study to complete program

A. Required Courses

EDUC 601. Instructional Media and Technology
EDUC 655. Education of Exceptional Children
EDUC 603. American High School
EDUC 696/7/8. Educational Research Sequence*
EDUC 788. Capstone (Exhibition).
This course is non-transferable and must be completed at Piedmont College.
ENG 656 Reading Improvement (for English M.A.T. only)
* Passing the CITI test on Human Subjects Research is required for all candidates.

B. Electives

Number of electives varies by program. Refer to the current advisement checklist in the intended field of certification. The following are highly recommended for all initial certification candidates.
EDUC 600. Educational Assessment
EDUC 642. Critical Thinking and Creativity in the Classroom
EDUC 703. Social, Cultural and Ethical Perspectives
EDUC 712. Group Processes and Interpersonal Skills
EDUC 690. Classroom Management

C. Teaching Experience Sequence (Apprentice or Intern Teaching)

Apprentice Teaching (one year, beginning Fall Semester)

EDSE 736. Advanced Instructional methods (Fall)
EDSE 742. Apprentice Teaching Observation (Fall)
EDSE 737. Advanced Instructional Methods (Spring)
EDSE 743. Apprentice Teaching (Spring, full-time)

Intern Teaching (Candidates teaching on a non-renewable certificate)

EDSE 736. Advanced Instructional Methods (Fall)*
EDSE 744. Intern Teaching (Fall)
EDSE 737. Advanced Instructional Methods (Spring)
EDSE 745. Intern Teaching (Spring)

NOTE: Candidates wishing to fulfill the teaching experience sequence at a private school are advised that private schools must be pre-approved for apprentice and intern placements in order for that experience to satisfy this requirement.

NOTE: The College assures candidates in our secondary education programs that we can provide supervision of apprenticeships and internships at public schools and approved private schools located within 40 miles of either the Demorest or Athens campuses. Consideration of supervision of internships beyond 50 miles is on a case-by-case basis and requires approval by the Chair of Secondary Education prior to registering for an internship.

A candidate should not consider an internship on the assumption that Piedmont is obliged to provide that service. Candidates are expected to arrange with their host schools to leave school on days of the methods class to arrive on time every time the class meets. Responsibility for extra-curricular school activities, including band, chorus, theatre, and athletics, is not an accepted reason for missing class sessions.