Making a Gift


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Annual Gifts

Piedmont College uses your annual gift to support numerous programs and facilities and to fund more than $8 million each year in student scholarships. Without your generosity, we could not provide a Piedmont education to the number of students we currently serve.

Alumni Support

Support from our alumni and friends enables Piedmont College to seek additional support from foundations and organizations that promote higher education. 


The higher our percentage, the more opportunities Piedmont has to obtain grants from corporations and foundations that support higher education.

About the Fund

The Fund For Piedmont is the college's annual campaign that provides funding for student scholarships and financial aid, library holdings, athletics, academic programs and endowment. A gift through the Fund for Piedmont may also be given to a favorite area of interest. Unrestricted gifts are to be used where needed.

Pooling gifts of all sizes together from alumni, parents, businesses and friends provides a greater impact by enhancing all aspects of Piedmont College. During the 2012-13 academic year, Piedmont provided more than $8 million in scholarships and student financial aid. With 96 percent of our full-time students receiving some type of financial support, we are fortunate that alumni and friends make it possible to help so many students.