M.A. in Secondary Education Courses

This program is for teachers currently certified in Georgia seeking advanced certification in the same field or in a new field. The 36-semester-hour program (minimum) involves a combination of education and content-field courses, planned with an advisor, and based on an analysis of each candidate’s background and professional needs. Refer to the current advisement checklist in the field of certification for details.

A. Required

EDUC 601. Instructional Media and Technology*
EDUC 655. Education of Exceptional Children*
EDSE 660. Advanced Studies in Instruction
EDUC 603. American High School
EDUC 696/7/8. Educational Research*
EDSE 788. Capstone (Exhibition)

This course is non-transferable and must be completed at Piedmont College.

* Passing the CITI test on Human Subjects Research is required for all candidates.
* Unless met in undergraduate courses or approved professional development programs

NOTE: Required courses completed in a previous certification program, as undergraduate courses, or in professional development programs, may be replaced with an equal number of hours in either education or content courses.

B. Recommended Electives

(Number of electives varies by program. Refer to the current advisement checklist in the intended field of certification.)

EDUC 600. Educational Assessment
EDUC 642. Critical Thinking and Creativity in the Classroom
EDUC 703. Social, Cultural and Ethical Perspectives
EDUC 712. Group Processes and Interpersonal Skills
EDUC 770. The Foxfire Approach
EDUC 795. Applied Research Project
EDUC 798. Special Topics

C. Subject Matter Courses

Minimum requirement is nine semester hours at the graduate level (600 or higher) in the field of intended certification. Most programs provide an option for more subject matter courses as electives. Please refer to your Piedmont College Catalog for more information about content courses.