M.A. in Middle Grades Education

The program is designed to meet the needs of those who hold certification in middle grades education and are seeking advanced certification. Completion of the program leads to recommendation for a Georgia Level 5 certificate in Middle Grades Education.

Total Minimum Number of hour course work: 31

Course Requirements

Cluster A – (10 hours)

EDUC 599. Graduate Orientation (Institutional Credit).
This course is non-transferable and must be completed
at Piedmont College

EDUC 703. Social, Cultural, and Ethical Perspectives of Education

Two courses from Content *

Cluster B – (12 hours)

EDMG 645. Advanced Teaching in the Middle School

EDUC 699. Methods & Interpretation of Educational Research

One course from Content *


Cluster C – (6 hours)

One course from Content *

Elective **

Cluster D – (3 hours)

EDMG. Capstone: This course is non-transferable and must be taken at Piedmont College

* Content Courses

(To be taken during Clusters A, B, C): Some courses may require prerequisites.
(Select 4 in one content area with advisor)

Natural Science

The 500-level courses are for those who have no experience in the course being taught:
PHY 500. Topics in Physical Science
CHEM 500. Topics in Chemistry
BIO 510. Topics in Biological Science
GEO/ES 500. Topics in Earth Science

The following courses are for those candidates who have a degree or the equivalent in science:

BIO/ES 601. Methods of Study of Aquatic Environments
BIO/ES 602. Research in the Study of Aquatic Environments I
BIO/ES 603. Research in the Study of Aquatic Environments II
BIO 610. Topics in Biological Science
CHEM 600. Topics in Chemistry
CHEM 601. Research in Chemistry
CHEM 602. Synthesis and Reactions of Organic Compounds
GEO (ES) 600. Topics in Earth Science
PHY 600. Topics in Physical Science


ENG 601. Seminar in World Literature
ENG 602. Medieval Literature
ENG 603. British Renaissance
ENG 605. Shakespeare
ENG 608. Restoration and 18th Century Literature
ENG 615. Romantic Literature
ENG 621. Victorian Literature
ENG 626. 20th Century British Literature
ENG 627. American Romanticism
ENG 628. 20th Century American Literature
ENG 629. Multicultural American Literature
ENG 630. Literature of the American South
ENG 631. History of the English Language
ENG 650. Seminar in Composition Studies
ENG 690. Special Topics


MATH 500. Transition to Higher Mathematics
MATH 630. Advanced Problem Solving
MATH 685. Advanced Topics in Mathematics I
MATH 686. Advanced Topics in Mathematics II
MATH 687. Advanced Topics in Mathematics III

Social Science

ANT 600 Advanced Studies in Anthropology
HIS 600 Early American History
HIS 601 Recent American History
HIS 602 US History since 1945
HIS 610 History of the Ante-Bellum South
HIS 611 History of the New South
HIS 612 History of Georgia
HIS 620 Recent Latin America
HIS 621 World History I
HIS 622 World History II
HIS 630 Special Topics
PS  600 Advanced Studies in Political Science
PS  650 Government Institutions
EDUC (SOCS) 606 Economics for Teachers


(To be taken during Cluster A or C) 6 hours.

Select two with your advisor

EDUC 600. Educational Assessment
EDUC 601. Instructional Media and Technology
EDUC 607. Fundamentals of Learning and Cognition
EDUC 628. Literature for Children
EDUC 642. Critical Thinking and Creativity in the Classroom
EDUC 656. Collaborative Practice
SPA  580.    Spanish for the Classroom
EDUC 690. Classroom Management
EDUC 701. Critical Analysis of Current Trends and Issues in Education
EDUC 712. Group Processes and Interpersonal Skills
EDUC 730. School Law
EDUC 770. The Foxfire Approach to Instruction