The Learning Center


1. Why go to the Learning Center?

At Piedmont College, we believe learning flourishes best in community and conversation. Whether you want to pass a difficult course or excel in a favorite subject, work up a CV or flesh out a dissertation, we can provide you with a trained supportive tutor. Together, we will discover a new standard for your personal best.

2. How is a tutoring session conducted?

Your tutoring session will be conducted in a supportive and professional manner by a tutor trained to facilitate collaborative learning. Collaborative learning means that you and your tutor will engage in discussions about your assignment. This process means that by the end of each session, both you and your tutor will have learned something--and that you will have developed cognitive skills to help you excel with future assignments.

3. In what subjects can I get assistance?

The Learning Center offers academic support in all areas:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Foreign languages
  • Math
  • Science
  • Writing

We also work with Emily Pettit, Director of Career Services, to assist you in the creation of relevant professional documents:

  • Capstone projects
  • CVs
  • Dissertations
  • Graduate school applications

To make an appointment or check current information about scheduling, please go to "Schedule an Appointment" located in the left-hand side-bar.

We have a list of tutors beyond those regularly scheduled. If you do not see a tutor available for the particular subject on which you would like to work, please drop us a note using the “Contact Us” button in the left-hand side-bar. We will make sure you get the support you seek.

4. How do I arrange a meeting with a tutor?

We recognize that in order for students to perform at their best, important resources like the Learning Center need to be convenient.  With ease of access in mind, we have made it possible for you to either make an appointment or walk-in. We also have made available both working and after-business hours.

To make an appointment or check current information about scheduling, please go to our calendar located in the left-hand side-bar.

5. Will my professor know that I have been to the Learning Center?

Unless you request otherwise, we will contact the relevant professors and let them know when you have been to see us because when we contact professors, they learn too. They become aware which assignments are proving the most challenging and which need the most clarification. They also discover which students are putting in their fullest possible effort.

6. How many appointments may I book with a tutor at the Learning Center?

You may see a tutor as many times as you would like in order to attain the results you want. Please space repeat appointments at least 24 hours apart, unless otherwise arranged with your tutor.

7. How do I prepare for my appointment?

We propose you make the most of your meeting through several preparations:

  • Maximize your experience simply by careful scheduling. To increase your potential opportunities to collaborate, book your appointment(s) as soon possible before the assignment is due. You want to meet more than once.
  • Assignment sheet
  • Bring all relevant materials:
  • Drafts
  • Notes
  • Textbook
  • Writing prompts
  • Make a plan. As much as possible, know what you want to work on during your time with a tutor. 

If you have any questions about how to prepare, please drop us a note by clicking on the “Contact Us” button in the left-hand side-bar.

8. Is the Learning Center free?

Yes, for full-time and part-time Piedmont College students, faculty, and staff, the Learning Center services are included in your tuition or benefits and are available to you at no additional cost.

9. What other resources are available at the Learning Center?

In addition to tutoring, the Learning Center offers the following resources:

  • Computers and printer
  • Internship assistance. We are available to collaborate with Dr. Emily Pettit, the Director of Career Services, to help locate or organize internships in your field.  
  • Peace and quiet for study
  • Professional development consultation to assist with the writing of your CV, statements of purpose, and capstone projects

If you would like to discuss internship possibilities, plan a walk-in time or make an appointment, please go to our calendar located in the left-hand side-bar, and book a time with Heidi Lynn Staples.

10. How do I become a tutor?

We believe that teaching through a collaborative learning model can result in an educational experience for everyone who takes part. If you want to grow even stronger in your best subjects by becoming a Learning Center tutor, please drop us a note using the “Contact Us” button in the left-hand side-bar. We look forward to hearing from you.