International Studiesinternational-studies-dscn0397


The core required major courses are:

Cultural Anthropology
Survey of Marketing and Management
Special Topics (International Experience)
Mass Media Survey
Telecommunications and Globalization
(prerequisite MCOM 210)
International Relations
Global Issues

Students will also complete a series of foreign language courses in one language to increase their ability to communicate in the language and to learn about the culture of interest beyond the 101-102 level.

Choose one of the following language series as part of the major:

FRENCH 201, 202, 360
GERMAN 201, 202, 360
JAPANESE 201, 202, 360
SPANISH 201, 202, 360

Choose one course from each area below:


Medieval Literature
Twentieth-Century British Literature
Multicultural Literature
Special Topics: World Literature


Twentieth Century Europe
History of England to 1714
Latin America
Modern Southeast Asia
History of Spain
History of Modern Germany


Cultural Exploration
Spanish Culture and Civilization

It is recommended that students take the following courses to satisfy General Education requirements and to prepare for the International Studies major:

Religions of the World
Introduction to Sociology
World Literature from the Renaissance or Ethnic American Literature