Interdisciplinary Studies

Degree Programs

A B.A. or B.S. in interdisciplinary studies (choice of B.A. or B.S. will be determined by the theme of the proposed program). For more detailed information about course listings and requirements, you may refer to the Piedmont College Catalog. The following options are available:

Art Therapy
The Art Therapy major will prepare students to treat people with mental, emotional, developmental, or physical problems through the use of counseling and artistic skills.  Students will develop a background in psychology and art which will prepare them for graduate programs and careers in educational and therapeutic settings.

Community Journalism
The interdisciplinary program in community journalism and social sciences is a 36-hour major, of which six mass communication courses are required. Students will elect six additional courses from the social sciences that meet their interests and objectives.

An interdisciplinary degree in this area will provide students an excellent background in journalism with special insights into community problems. They will have a unique perspective for the problems facing reporters in telling the story and outlining the challenges of local communities.

Fine Arts Administration
This major is designed to develop skills, aesthetic sensitivity and technical knowledge in the fine arts, as well as build practical managerial expertise in the areas of production, marketing, presentation and business in arts organizations. Students take courses in business, art, music, and theatre, and gain direct career related experience through an internship program placing them in various art galleries, civic and professional theatres, and music venues. Experiences in studio art, musical performance, and theatrical design, acting and directing are all an integral part of the program.

Forensic Science

Forensic science is the application of scientific principles and methods to assist criminal and civil investigations and litigations. The Forensic Science undergraduate major is an interdisciplinary major that draws from knowledge and expertise from multiple academic units
that are relevant to forensic science. The major provides students with a strong background in the biological, physical, and social sciences as the foundation of forensic science, crime scene investigation, and evidence collection and preservation. Students are educated on the
role of forensic scientists in the criminal justice system and how scientific evidence can be used in that system.

International Studies
The International Studies major will prepare students to live and work in a globally connected world whether in the business arena, government agencies, or for non-profit organizations.  Majors will develop an understanding of the language and culture of one geographic area of the world, as well as an understanding of the political climate, economics, and history of the region.  Students will be able to focus their studies on Latin American, Asian, or European regions of the world.

Women’ Studies
The Interdisciplinary Studies Program also offers a minor in women’s studies, which will heighten awareness of women’s lives, issues, accomplishments, and contributions within the context of courses in literature, psychology, art, history, sociology, and political science.

A women’s studies minor is useful for training in the professions: business, education, law, health sciences, social work, policy studies, or management. It also provides appropriate groundwork for graduate study in the social sciences and the humanities. On the personal level, course work in women’s studies enhances the human potential of both women and men by questioning and redefining societal values.