The Learning Center

For Faculty

At the Learning Center, we believe our job is to support the work of faculty, helping to provide the individualized educational experience for which Piedmont College is known. You are invited to refer all students--from those struggling to those with particular promise--to us for academic support. Together, we can create the most productive learning experience possible for Piedmont College students.

We offer the following suggestions* for encouraging students to make use of the Learning Center:

  • Frame the Learning Center as a resource for all students who want to attain their personal best
  • Explain the benefits of  the Learning Center’s services several times across the semester
  • Offer revision opportunities for students willing to schedule a consultation
  • Offer class credit or other encouragement to help students prioritize a consultation
  • Invite tutors into your classes or offer to have groups of students visit the center together
  • Accompany the students on a “field trip” to the center, which can establish a comfort-level with the space and the tutors 
  • Allow for class sharing of visit experiences to alleviate any fears and to encourage future visits

We will contact you anytime one of your students attends the Learning Center and will keep you apprised of our progress. For those times when you would like to refer a student formally, we have provided the form below. 


We welcome and value your input. Please feel free to drop us a note with any questions, suggestions, or feedback by clicking on the “Contact Us” button in the left-hand side-bar.


*These suggestions have been adapted from Wendy Bishop’s article “Bringing Writers to the Center: Some Survey Results, Surmises, and Suggestions.”