Dr. Stephanie Almagno
Associate Dean of Arts & Science
Professor of English

PhD University of Rhode Island: Rhetoric and Composition, American Literature
MA University of Rhode Island: English
BA Simmons College: English

ENG 428: Twentieth-Century US Literature
ENG 429: Multicultural US Literature
ENG 311: Drama
ENG 222: Introduction to Film
ENG 221: Women Writers
ENG 220: Ethnic US Literature
ENG 101 – 102: Composition

Dr. Almagno is the Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences. She is the director of Interdisciplinary Studies; she advises English majors, international studies majors, and dual enrollment students. She oversees Study Abroad/Travel Study programming. She is active on the General Education committee, and Dr. Almagno frequently serves as capstone evaluator for the MA/MAT program.

For the past 18 years, northeast Georgia has been Stephanie’s home.  Although she teaches in the English department, she has a passion for US history, and she shares this with her students through her courses.  Stephanie also appreciates a good movie; more and more she brings film into the classroom.  Her women writer’s course focuses on issues of adaptation; students critique story-telling strategies when women’s words are brought to the silver screen.  If she could invite one director to her class, Stephanie would ask Julie Dash to talk about Daughters of the Dust.