Environmental Science


Required Courses

History and Methodology of Science
Senior Seminar
Senior/Honors Research (Optional)
Honors Thesis (Optional)
Choose 2:
Current Topics in Environmental Chemistry
Current Topics in Environmental Geology
Current Topics in Environmental Biology


Physical Geology

Geographical Information Systems

Introduction to Geographical Information Systems
Applications in Geographical Information Systems


General Biology I
General Biology II


General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Instrumental Analysis
Organic Chemistry I


Physics I
Physics II


Environmental Ethics
Macroeconomics or Environmental Economics

Up to 6 additional hours for ENVS 493-Internship (Optional)

Honors Program in Environmental Science

The Honors Program in environmental science allows academically qualified students to delve deeper into the scientific experience and to better prepare for post-graduate education by conducting independent research. To that end, students who are in the Honors Program are required to take ENVS 4989 (Honors Senior Research) and ENVS 499 (Honors Thesis) in addition to their major requirements. Honors students also take ENVS 4959 (Honors Science Seminar Honors) instead of ENVS 495 (Science Seminar). Students having a GPA of 3.0 or better may apply for entry into the Honors Program during their junior year. Those with a GPA of 3.5 or better are guaranteed acceptance. Students in the Honors Program receive scholarship money as well as recognition upon graduation that they graduated with Honors in Science.