Engineering Physics

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics- Dual Degree

The engineering physics degree is a dual-degree program with Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). It is designed primarily for students interested in Mechanical Engineering. This degree program provides the opportunity for a student to study three years at Piedmont College and then transfer to the Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineering Department. After two more years the student will receive a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech. and a B.S. in engineering physics from Piedmont College. Because of the special nature of the dual-degree program, the baccalaureate degree will not be conferred by either Piedmont College or Georgia Tech until all requirements established by both institutions have been met satisfactorily. Students must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average at Piedmont College in order to transfer to Georgia Tech under this program.

Mechanical engineers develop new devices and operations, plan, design, and maintain mechanical systems and mechanisms, test experimental devices, and set up manufacturing systems for all types of products. Mechanical engineers are needed in most manufacturing businesses to design, optimize, and improve products of all types. Mechanical engineers provide the know-how to construct, improve, and make more profitable products ranging from automobiles to kitchen appliances and from air planes to plastic containers. They help maintain ongoing product lines while designing and implementing new ones.