Education Specialist FAQs

Q. Who can apply to the Education Specialist Degree at Piedmont College?

A. Applicants must hold a clear, renewable teaching certificate, have a Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution (G.P.A. 3.5 or above on Master’s degree), and have been teaching successfully a minimum of two years.

Q. What is the focus of the Education Specialist program?

A. This program is focused on Curriculum and Instruction. It is not an administration degree. Candidates will take courses emphasizing four strands of study: Foundations of Education, Research, Philosophy of Pedagogy/Learning Theory, and Classroom Practice and Management, content inquiry style.

Q. Some people call this a T-6. Is this the same thing?

A. T-6 is the level of pay for which a candidate qualifies after successfully completing the Education Specialist degree. However, this degree is called “Education Specialist”, not T-6.

Q. How can I apply to the Education Specialist Degree?

A. Visit to begin the application process. 


Q. How many courses are in the Education Specialist degree?

A. There are ten courses in the degree totaling 30 semester hours.

Q. Is there a comprehensive examination or dissertation to assess successful completion of the degree?

A. At the end of the Education Specialist degree, candidates will submit the SPCLO log for all courses and will give a professional conference-style presentation of their research along with a poster board presentation of the major learning points of the program. The presentation will be evaluated using the EDS program rubric and must be approved by the Specialist Committee in order for a candidate to be recommended to receive the Ed.S. degree.

Q. What is required to complete an application for the Education Specialist degree?

A. The applicant must submit the following:
1. A completed graduate application
2. Official transcript from the college or university awarding you master's degree (Piedmont transcripts are on file.)
3. Photocopy of your current, clear, renewable teaching certificate
4. Completed Personal Affirmation form
5. Three professional references from the following: school system supervisor, previous college professor or staff development instructor, and any professional in the field of education
6. Documentation of two year’s satisfactory teaching experience at the P-12 level.
7. A Letter of Intent addressing your purpose for applying to the Education Specialist degree.
8. Completed Professional Activities Resume
9. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) score. Acceptance to the Specialist Program will be based on the strength of the applicant’s entire admissions packet.

Q. How many applicants will be accepted?

A. The Education Specialist program will accept no more than 25 candidates in each cohort group.

Q. How long will it take for me to complete the Education Specialist degree?

A. It will take about four semesters to complete the degree. The degree begins with three courses in the first summer, two courses in each fall and spring semester, and three courses in the final summer semester. (Athens and Demorest campuses only) Cohort location class schedules vary widely. Consult the cohort coordinator for this information.

Q. Is there Financial Aid or payment plan available to assist with tuition payments?

A. Yes. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid (1-800-277-7020 extension 1114) for loan information, or the Business Office (1-800-277-7020 extension 1155) for payment plan options.

Q. Can I transfer other graduate courses into this Education Specialist degree?

A. No transfer hours will be accepted. Also, please note that these courses may not transfer to another college. It is in the interest of the candidate to complete the entire course of study at Piedmont College.